Crystal Haven’s characters speak…



Welcome! My name is Harriet Munson. I am the administrator for the Crystal Haven Historical Society and Reading Room, and proud member of the Crystal Haven City Council. It has come to our attention that a member of our community, Clyde Fortune, has been working with a journalist. Together, they have been telling stories of recent crimes in our wonderful village, Crystal Haven, Michigan.


It is true that our small town has recently suffered quite a shock. And, I might add, it was right on the heels of Ms. Fortune’s return after many years away. The Crystal Haven City Council has decided to begin this blog to set the record straight. One can’t believe everything one reads.


While I have not read this document, I have it on good authority that there is a distinct bias in her narrative. It will be published as fiction (which should tell you something about the veracity of her claims), under the title Pall in the Family. I will endeavor to fill in the details she has conveniently ignored.


We will also showcase some of our more talented residents and they will share their expertise. Topics will include tarot, herbal remedies, divination, and psychic readings. Of course, the best way to explore our unique city is to visit. We are located on the southwest coast of Michigan, near Grand Rapids. We hope to see you soon!