Squeaky rewards

In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

My name is Violet Greer, Rose Fortune’s sister and Clyde Fortune’s aunt. Harriet asked me to participate in the blog because I’m an animal psychic. I’m not sure about supporting Harriet since she seems to be so mad at Clyde, but I do support Crystal Haven. I’ve helped many kinds of animals from cats to horses. I mostly try to help pet owners when their pet is misbehaving. It helps to hear the animal’s side of the story. I’ll do a reading each Thursday on the blog. If any readers would like to volunteer their pets, please send a picture and a description of the problem to VioletPetPsychic at gmail dot com.


This is Rowdy. He has a long list of issues, so we’ll start small. Rowdy really likes his squeaky toys. He’s also, according to his humans, very bossy. They report that whenever they do anything that he likes – feed him, come home, let him outside – his first response is to find a favorite toy and squeak it.  This can be very disruptive at times, as Rowdy will do this for several minutes or more, getting louder and louder.

I spent some time with Rowdy and he was surprised his family didn’t understand him. He shared with me a memory he had of puppy training when his people would use a “clicker” noise maker to reward him for doing something right. The noise was quickly followed by a treat, which is why Rowdy remembered it so well. (He wanted me to mention that a few more treats during the day would be welcomed.) He claims he would rather give them a treat, but since he doesn’t have easy access to the food, he has decided to reward good behavior with squeaks. He refuses to stop this behavior as he is convinced his people like it. He will definitely need more work with me.

Does your pet do strange things? Share your story in the comment box, or send a picture with the problem to the email listed above. See you next week!


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