The Fantasy Life of Dogs


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Violet Greer here. Sorry to have been away from the blog. I had an emergency horse farm visit and then there was an owl debacle. I won’t go into that now.

This is Astrid.* She has a very active fantasy life as I discovered while working with her. She fancies herself as a teacher, a model, a small business owner, and most recently a police officer. I took this photo while she was “interrogating a perp.”

She said, “Listen, pig. I know what you did and if I could talk, I’d turn you in.”

The pig seemed unconcerned.

“So, you’re gonna lawyer up are ya? Well, it won’t do you any good. You’ve got guilt written all over you and if you think anyone else is going to take the rap for what you did, you’re crazier than you look.”

There had been an unfortunate knocked over and strewn garbage pail which precipitated this display. Astrid is either very clever or certifiable. I’m still working out which one.

I’ve been working with Astrid for a little while now and will post some of her other sessions at a later date.

*Astrid’s name has been changed to protect the innocent. She wouldn’t tell me the pig’s name.


Stress and the Suburban Mastiff


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Violet here with another client. This gorgeous girl is Sabrina. She is suffering from hyper-vigilance. It is clear from her picture that she is a deep thinker and, unfortunately, most of her thinking is about possible threats to her family. She is very loyal and feels it is her job to ensure the safety of her people. Unlike Archie, who thinks he is human, Sabrina embraces her canine heritage. She takes her job very seriously.

As a puppy, she attacked a doorstopper that was sticking out of the wall. “It breached the perimeter. It could have been trying to enter the kitchen. Where my food is.”

Later, she attacked a shovel while her owner tried to clear the sidewalk. “That thing made loud scraping noises. Then the lovely white water disappeared.”

I have recommended that she try to calmly assess the situation before attacking any more unknown tools or appliances. “I still hate the squirrels and rabbits, though. They are never to be trusted.”

Also, she should take time out for herself if she starts to feel overwhelmed. Her family reports that she is taking my advice to heart.


Thank you to Michelle and Doug for sharing their photos! ~de