Superiority Complex


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Here is another case of an animal with an active fantasy life. This cat has all the dogs and the people in the house under his command. They asked me to help them understand why he’s so bossy.

“I am Sir Skeffington. I have a staff of two canines and five humans. It’s really hardly enough to keep the estate running, but I carry on regardless.”

When I mentioned that his name is actually Tiger, he sniffed derisively and turned his back on me.

“My minions amuse themselves at my expense, but they know who is in charge. Sir Skeffington will not be trifled with!”

I asked if he thought he could work with his “staff” in a kinder manner. He seemed to take this into consideration.


Based on the purring, he might be improving his “leadership skills.”

Thanks to Kate and Steve for sharing their photos! ~de


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