Anxiety Alert


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Sometimes when I’m called to help a pet in distress, it’s actually the owner who needs help. This is Fred. You don’t have to be psychic to tell by his expression that he is concerned. His owner, Celeste, is also concerned. She’s wound pretty tight any way and if I were a human therapist I might say she leans toward agoraphobia or some sort of phobia. She called me for a consultation right after Clyde’s book hit the book shelves.

Due mostly to Harriet Munson’s rabble rousing, the entire town was in a state of high anxiety. There were stories that Clyde had spilled everyone’s secrets – even the ones that she had discovered through psychic channels. Well, I doubt Clyde has a list of secrets that she’s collected through psychic sleuthing since she won’t use her talents even when it is clearly necessary. Once a few people had read the book and reported that most secrets were safe, everyone calmed down.

But not Fred. Like Celeste, Fred doesn’t really like crowds. He does like his daily walk. According to him, he was worried that when the hordes of people came to town looking for psychics and tarot readers, his long relaxing walk would be ruined.


Here he is deciding whether to venture outside. I had to do a dual intervention in this case. I called Jillian and asked her to bring a vat of her chamomile tea over for Celeste, and I spent some time with Fred in his yard. As Celeste calmed, so did Fred. The two of them are enjoying a nice long walk right now.

Big thank you to Amanda for sharing her photos! -de


Calming Chamomile


Hello. Jillian Andrews here. If you have read Clyde’s book about Crystal Haven, you know about my son, Tom. He’s a very good police officer. But he’s even better at mixing herbs and potions. The only one of my children with any talent for herbal remedies at all. Rose Fortune and I have complained to each other many times over the years about our children and their stubborn loyalty to police work when it is obvious to their mothers where their true talents lie.

Harriet Munson warned me not to get too personal on the blog so I won’t say anymore about that. Right now.

After Pall in the Family was released, and Harriet was involved in something called a blog tour, I became quite busy mixing up elixirs to calm nerves. She drank gallons of the stuff. It seemed the whole town was having trouble sleeping, or feeling as if they had excess energy. It may be that they were sensing the attention that Crystal Haven was receiving. Or it may be that they were nervous about our town being on display. Either way, I used a lot of chamomile that week.

Chamomile has been used for thousands of years to calm anxiety, help induce sleep, and to treat stomach ailments. Its mild taste makes it ideal for children with tummy aches. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a poultice on bug bites, eczema, or hives.

Since I use so much of it in my herbal remedy business, I grow my own to avoid any pesticides or chemicals that can sometimes contaminate wild chamomile. Recently I did have to resort to purchasing some from my herbal supplier. Chamomile looks like a daisy – with a bright yellow center and white petals. After drying, it can be steeped and consumed as a tea. I also like to soak a cloth in the tea and use it as a compress.

Some people are allergic to chamomile. Harriet asked me to remind everyone to check with their own health care provider before experimenting with any herbs.

I’ll return in a few weeks with another herbal remedy!

Have you ever used chamomile?

Sports Injury Part 2


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Now that the blog tour frenzy is over and Harriet has relinquished control of the blog, I thought I would follow up on Rowdy and his injury. I had the opportunity to check in with him on day five or six after his surgery. Things were not going very well. The family asked me to talk to him again and explain that he had to stop licking his incision.

Some dogs are pickers and they just can’t leave a cut or itchy spot alone. Rowdy is one of these. As you can see, when I met with him, he was wearing a collar designed to stop him from reaching his surgical site.

“I don’t know what has gotten into these people,” Rowdy said to me. “First, they take me to that crazy groomer, then they carry me around the house for days (which I really don’t mind, because there’s something wrong with my leg), then they buy me a new ridiculous collar. I like the old collar. This one is too big.”

I tried to explain that the collar was there to stop him from causing an infection, but Rowdy is not the most intuitive dog I have ever met. He kept insisting that his family had lost its collective mind and that there was something wrong with his leg that they were ignoring.

He perked up a bit when I asked him about his new toy.


“I love presents, especially squeaky ones! Maybe you could tell them that there’s something wrong with my leg.”

Blog Tour Day 10


Today is the last day of the official blog tour. I wanted to show you one of our beautiful beach sunsets as the tour draws to a close. Next week Violet Greer will be back with her animal clients and I will turn over the blog to Rose or Jillian for a few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed the blog tour and that you are planning a trip to Crystal Haven in the near future. Rose is predicting an exciting future!

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Blog Tour Day 8


Here is our lovely harbor. Visitors can rent boats or take tours along the shore. Today is a little cloudy, but most summer days on the water are clear and tranquil. We have a protected bay so we don’t get the wind or waves that they see on Lake Michigan.

Clyde informs me that the author had a book signing last night. Apparently a bunch of people in Iowa are now reading about us. I wonder if it is too far for them to come the Crystal Haven for a weekend. I hear they don’t have as many lakes as we do. I will post some pictures of the book signing next week when my blog tour responsibilities are completed.

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Blog Tour Day 7


This was taken in our lovely town garden just last week. I realized I should take this opportunity to tell you about all the wonderful things to do in Crystal Haven instead of worrying about Clyde’s book.

We have a beautiful free garden in the center of town with benches and walking paths. It is a small jewel tended by the Crystal Haven gardening society (I happen to be president, but I don’t think I am overly biased). Sometimes visitors get so caught up in seeking the perfect psychic that they miss some of the beauty of the town and the surrounding area.

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