Blog tour Day 1


Harriet Munson here. I have been away from the blog, but fortunately Violet has kept things going. I have been told by the city council that I must post the blog tour schedule for the “author” who wrote the book about Crystal Haven.  I have to admit, I am getting a little excited to read what has been written, even though the subject matter is less than pleasant. The book will be out tomorrow, August 6, and I told Millie Fessler to hold a copy for me. I don’t want to fight the crowds.

The author’s blog tour begins today at: Mochas, Mysteries, and More 

I will go there just to find out more about Clyde Fortune’s journalist/author.


2 comments on “Blog tour Day 1

  1. D. havard says:

    Have almost finished Pall in the Family. A really intriguing mystery. A Cozy (but not TOO cozy – no recipes thankfully!) I liked the characters, the town and the mystery itself. I especially liked that the MYSTERY didn’t get lost among the “quirky characters/quirky town, etc.” Well done Ms. Eastman! I am looking forward with enthusiasm to your next book.

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