Anxiety Alert


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Sometimes when I’m called to help a pet in distress, it’s actually the owner who needs help. This is Fred. You don’t have to be psychic to tell by his expression that he is concerned. His owner, Celeste, is also concerned. She’s wound pretty tight any way and if I were a human therapist I might say she leans toward agoraphobia or some sort of phobia. She called me for a consultation right after Clyde’s book hit the book shelves.

Due mostly to Harriet Munson’s rabble rousing, the entire town was in a state of high anxiety. There were stories that Clyde had spilled everyone’s secrets – even the ones that she had discovered through psychic channels. Well, I doubt Clyde has a list of secrets that she’s collected through psychic sleuthing since she won’t use her talents even when it is clearly necessary. Once a few people had read the book and reported that most secrets were safe, everyone calmed down.

But not Fred. Like Celeste, Fred doesn’t really like crowds. He does like his daily walk. According to him, he was worried that when the hordes of people came to town looking for psychics and tarot readers, his long relaxing walk would be ruined.


Here he is deciding whether to venture outside. I had to do a dual intervention in this case. I called Jillian and asked her to bring a vat of her chamomile tea over for Celeste, and I spent some time with Fred in his yard. As Celeste calmed, so did Fred. The two of them are enjoying a nice long walk right now.

Big thank you to Amanda for sharing her photos! -de


2 comments on “Anxiety Alert

  1. In addition to Celeste drinking the chamomile tea, maybe Fred should wear a little packet of the dried chamomile leaves on his collar. We’re not sure if it works that way but like a lot of things, it will if Fred believes it will.

    • dawneastman says:

      That’s an excellent idea, Astrid Nicole! I’ll bring Jillian next time I see him and maybe we can both convince him to give it a try. I hope two visitors doesn’t constitute a crowd or he might have a setback.


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