The Fool – a tarot tutorial


Rose Fortune here again. It’s been awhile since I wrote about the tarot. You can read my introduction here. Seth is so clever – he did something to link this page with that page. Anyway, today I’d like to discuss The Fool.

Sometimes the card reveals its secrets just by the interpretation of the picture. In this case we see a young man on a beautiful sunny day. He carries a sack over his shoulder as if he is embarking on a journey. And he is at the edge of a cliff, possibly about to take a leap into the unknown. He has a little white dog with him – I should ask Violet what she thinks of that. The dog could be a guardian or companion.

Usually considered the first card in the major arcana, the Fool represents a free spirit and a curious mind. It can also represent a leap of faith. The number at the top is 0, therefore it can fit in anywhere, and can sometimes help to bridge the gap between what is and what will be.

When the Fool shows up in a card reading, if it is facing the right way up I take it to mean that the person is following his or her innermost voice. If the card is upside down, then I often read it as the person blocking natural talents or avoiding that inner voice. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the Fool often comes up in this reversed position when I do readings for Clyde. More accurately about Clyde, since she doesn’t willingly sit for readings anymore.

That is a very basic explanation of the card, and as I mentioned before, you need to look at all the cards in a layout to make any sense of them. There are many resources to explore the meanings of the cards, this is only my own interpretation based on my experience.

What do you see in the card?


3 comments on “The Fool – a tarot tutorial

  1. I see an idiot about to step off a cliff and a very smart little dog trying to stop him. We should listen to our dogs more.

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