Doom and Groom


In which Violet Greer talks to animals

You probably won’t believe this, but this is Rowdy. I stopped in to check on him after my last visit when he had to wear a collar and was still concerned that his family didn’t know there was something wrong with his leg.

They wanted me to verify that this was really their dog. I’m joking, they could tell it was him because he hid behind the toilet once when a fly got in the house.

“They took me back to my old groomer, which I thought would be okay. I think maybe something happened there because my family keeps laughing at me and shaking their heads. That usually means I’m doing something they like, or I’m wearing a sweater. I don’t think I’m wearing a sweater because it’s kind of cool in the house these days.”

I explained about the unfortunate visit to the groomer.

“Well, my hair isn’t pulling and making me itch anymore. Also, no thanks to any of you, I think my leg is getting better. It would be nice if they would stop laughing, since you seem to think they’re making fun of my hair.”

I assured him that his hair would grow back soon and that his leg would get better.

“Whatev. Did you bring any treats?”


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