The Pendulum


In which the characters of Crystal Haven share their expertise.

Hello, Violet Greer here again. This time I don’t have a pet to talk about. I’m going to teach you how to use a pendulum! I love the pendulum and use it a lot. In fact, I think we could have solved our problems much earlier if certain people were more on board with listening to what the pendulum had to say. But that’s history now, so I’ll let it go. You can read about it in Pall in the Family and draw your own conclusions.

The pendulum has been used for a very long time. The theory behind it is the same as the one behind the use of dowsing rods – that there are energy fields all over and you can tap into that energy to get answers or to find things. People used to use a forked stick to help them find water or other important resources. Some people were better at it than others, just like any skill. I think that anyone can use a pendulum, but it takes practice to get accurate answers and to get them quickly.

You can see my pendulum in the picture. They come in all shapes and materials. In fact you can even make your own using a ring, a needle, a cork, or anything that can be attached to a string and that will hang straight. After you purchase or make your pendulum, you should carry it around with you for a few days so it will get used to your energy field.

When you are ready to start practicing, take a blank piece of paper and draw a large plus sign on it. Label one axis “Yes” and the other “No.” Now, hold the string a few inches away from the pendulum and center it above the cross of the plus sign. Focus, and ask your question (obviously, worded to get a yes or no answer). Don’t move! Don’t move your hand or your arm. Just focus on the question. Some people will jerk back in surprise the first time, because it really will move. Anyway, you’ll get your answer and then you can start asking more difficult questions. The more you practice, the better your answers. Some pendulums prefer to move in a circle. If your pendulum does that, you’ll have to ask it which direction means yes and which one is no, and then you’ll be in business. Try not to get frustrated or bossy with the pendulum – they don’t like that.

Good luck!


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