New Year’s Greetings


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

2013 was a big year here in Crystal Haven. Clyde’s book, Pall in the Family, hit the shelves and our tourism numbers went through the roof! We are so pleased that people want to spend time with us in our little town. And although I don’t like to be the kind of person who says, “I told you so,” I knew that Clyde’s story would draw new visitors. Who doesn’t like a story of secrets, murder, mayhem, and dogs?

Some of my clients were kind enough to share their holiday spirit. You might remember these two from the Webkinz affair. I still haven’t quite cracked that case…

And here is Astrid, wishing everyone a Happy New Year! She’s thrown the party of the year and must have gotten some help with those hats…


Stay tuned in the new year for more pet stories, and some follow-up with old friends.

Thanks to Barb and Melissa for sharing their pictures! ~de


Crystal Haven History


In which the characters of Crystal Haven share their expertise.

Harriet Munson here again. I’m finally recovered from the August blog tour. The phones at the Reading Room have been ringing constantly and I’ve had to start scheduling the walk-ins! I guess Violet Greer was right and even murder can be good publicity.

I have been answering a lot of questions about the history of Crystal Haven. All the newcomers act like this is a brand new city just because they recently discovered it. I can assure you the city has been around for many years.

Founded in 1850 by settlers making their way across the country, it was originally chosen for its calm inlet and easy access to Lake Michigan. Lumber was the major business back then. The Ottawa tribe felt the area was sacred and there were some bitter battles when people first settled here. Over the years there were may strange happenings. People received messages and premonitions. There were rumors that the area was haunted or possessed. Beach goers found crystals on their sandy walks, and those crystals seemed to reveal the future.

The rumors attracted spiritualists and in 1895 Frederick von Whittle visited and felt that the there was something special about the land. He started a spiritualist colony which thrived through the late 1920’s. When Agnes Greer’s family moved here, no one predicted that they would save the town both financially and spiritually. During the depression, Agnes’s father, Samuel Greer bought most of the land surrounding the town and kept the struggling economy afloat. Word of Agnes Greer’s gift spread so that by the 1940’s tourists were flocking here for news of their loved ones. The Greers saved Crystal Haven by allowing it to remain a spiritualist retreat right through World War II. After the war, the psychics and mediums decided to become more tourist oriented and began offering services, programs, and summer workshops.

It is no longer the “retreat” that Mr. von Whittle imagined, but it is a thriving city that boasts the largest number of psychic households in the country. Messages are given daily at Message Circle during the summer months. The Reading Room is open Monday through Saturday from 9 to 8, and Sundays noon to 6. We look forward to seeing you!

Squeaky rewards

In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

My name is Violet Greer, Rose Fortune’s sister and Clyde Fortune’s aunt. Harriet asked me to participate in the blog because I’m an animal psychic. I’m not sure about supporting Harriet since she seems to be so mad at Clyde, but I do support Crystal Haven. I’ve helped many kinds of animals from cats to horses. I mostly try to help pet owners when their pet is misbehaving. It helps to hear the animal’s side of the story. I’ll do a reading each Thursday on the blog. If any readers would like to volunteer their pets, please send a picture and a description of the problem to VioletPetPsychic at gmail dot com.


This is Rowdy. He has a long list of issues, so we’ll start small. Rowdy really likes his squeaky toys. He’s also, according to his humans, very bossy. They report that whenever they do anything that he likes – feed him, come home, let him outside – his first response is to find a favorite toy and squeak it.  This can be very disruptive at times, as Rowdy will do this for several minutes or more, getting louder and louder.

I spent some time with Rowdy and he was surprised his family didn’t understand him. He shared with me a memory he had of puppy training when his people would use a “clicker” noise maker to reward him for doing something right. The noise was quickly followed by a treat, which is why Rowdy remembered it so well. (He wanted me to mention that a few more treats during the day would be welcomed.) He claims he would rather give them a treat, but since he doesn’t have easy access to the food, he has decided to reward good behavior with squeaks. He refuses to stop this behavior as he is convinced his people like it. He will definitely need more work with me.

Does your pet do strange things? Share your story in the comment box, or send a picture with the problem to the email listed above. See you next week!

Crystal Haven’s characters speak…



Welcome! My name is Harriet Munson. I am the administrator for the Crystal Haven Historical Society and Reading Room, and proud member of the Crystal Haven City Council. It has come to our attention that a member of our community, Clyde Fortune, has been working with a journalist. Together, they have been telling stories of recent crimes in our wonderful village, Crystal Haven, Michigan.


It is true that our small town has recently suffered quite a shock. And, I might add, it was right on the heels of Ms. Fortune’s return after many years away. The Crystal Haven City Council has decided to begin this blog to set the record straight. One can’t believe everything one reads.


While I have not read this document, I have it on good authority that there is a distinct bias in her narrative. It will be published as fiction (which should tell you something about the veracity of her claims), under the title Pall in the Family. I will endeavor to fill in the details she has conveniently ignored.


We will also showcase some of our more talented residents and they will share their expertise. Topics will include tarot, herbal remedies, divination, and psychic readings. Of course, the best way to explore our unique city is to visit. We are located on the southwest coast of Michigan, near Grand Rapids. We hope to see you soon!