Sports Injury part one


In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

Sometimes, I’m asked to give a message to a pet, rather than get information from a pet. You may remember Rowdy and his fear of flies. Other than flies, Rowdy has no fear and sees himself as the hero in his own adventure tale.

Unfortunately, this can cause him to act rashly and in the words of his family, “like a maniac.” I was asked by the family to talk to Rowdy and explain why he needed surgery on his knee. They felt he had fallen into a bit of a depression and wanted to explain that he would feel better soon.

This is what he said: “I knew they were leaving when the big black bags came out. That always means they are going somewhere and I have to stay with Princess Emily. She’s bossy but we get along okay. As long as I do everything she says. And I only play with the toys she doesn’t like. And I don’t get too close to her humans when they are petting her. And I don’t sleep in her favorite spots. She has a lot of rules”

“Everything was going fine. We went on a bunch of walks, had lots of treats (what happens at Emily’s stays at Emily’s), and barked at the mailman every day.”

“The only bad part about Emily’s place is Napoleon. He lives behind her house so that when we’re in the backyard he can come out and strut around and hurl insults over the fence. He’s a small fluffy dog who thinks he’s really tough. I can’t stand him.”

“So, one morning he came out with his usual trash talk and I just lost it. I raced to the back of the yard, but on the way something happened to my leg. There’s something wrong with it.”

“Ever since that day, my family, who finally came back from wherever they had been has been carrying me around and giving me treats. I don’t mind any of that, but there’s something wrong with my leg.”

“Today they took me to a new groomer and look what happened! Talk about a maniac! He only shaved one leg and he put this tape on me. Plus, my front leg has tape too, so I’ve been careful with that as well. Will you tell them there’s something wrong with my leg and I don’t like that groomer?”

I explained about his torn meniscus and the surgery, but I’m not sure he understood. I’ll check back throughout the week and see how he’s doing.